Book 2: The Princess Bride by William Goldman

November 5, 2008 at 10:37 pm (Review) (, , , )

I started this before the review of the film went up on pajiba. So I feel somewhat redundant reviewing the book here since spisaster expressed far better than I could, the appeal of this story. So go read that and I will add few thoughts below. 

Beyond the film (which is one of the best adaptations ever) the book has some wonderful musings on how you get started on the path to being a reader or a writer and how a story can grip you like nothing else when you are a kid. It makes me wistful, in that the level of absorbtion in the story that you can acheive as a kid becomes harder and harder to find as an adult. Sometimes I wonder if all the reading that I do is in search of that perfect escape again. Sometimes I think it is.

It’s a great story read it, watch it, love it.

Also realise that it is not real and do not ever ask a bookseller for the unabridged Morgenstern version.


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